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// woke up to the fucking worst pain in my hip and thigh like…

Can we not do this at 5 am i have class in four hours

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-switches to mobile bc i fell asleep at my laptop tbh x_x

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Open Verses

              counting bodies
              ivory victor
              it’s a job honey
              little lioness
              find her

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No explanation is attached, merely a note that reads as follows:

"See you tonight.
                             - Alex”


              where fantasy and fun come to l i f e.

                                          I.           II.             III.

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His eyes bugged out slightly once her lips brushed against his. After about 20 seconds he warmed up to her and leaned into the kiss. He returned the same tender touch as hers.

Candice giggled softly against him, but held the kiss until he responded to her. already curled up on his lap, it was easy enough to press close to him during the kiss. Her hand slid down from his chin, lightly cupping his neck. 

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When you’re in the middle of a really interesting rp and the other person has to leave


daemonum-rosier ;  
"Happy Birthday, my darling. I did not forget, I was just delayed."

"You’re never too late. Thank you, my love." 


He nodded aimlessly. “Oh yes I’m nervous.. I mean uh you just are so gorgeous. And I uh.. Yeah. ” h swallowed hard a few times.

"Colt…" She lifted her hand, tilting his chin towards her. "Shh…" she mumbled, leaning forward to kiss him softly. 

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my boyfriend »» your boyfriend. 

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                   ❝thought you might like it, so how’s
                   the birthday been anyways?   go out
                   and party like     the madwoman you
                   could totally be?❞


                          “I generally dont like sweet things but
                           I crave cake today. It’s been alright! I 
                           didn’t but only because it’s totally a 
                           monday and I need to work tomorrow.” 

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thedepxrted ;  
❝ Ye've wanted this for a while and.. As your birthday gift, ye can have me. Do whatever ye like with me..❞

❝ So is this a treat for
    me then? Are you 
    going to behave?    

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@rosiehw: Big Happy Birthday shout out to my sister from another mister @angelcandices!! I met this woman over 11 years ago in London when we were sat at a casting for hours waiting to be seen during our first ever show season. We have been friends ever since. We don’t get to see each other as often as I would like, but every time we do it’s like no time passed between us at all. You haven’t changed a bit! You’re still the realist, chillest, loyalist, funniest and hardest working chic in the game. I love you, so proud and happy to call you my friend. Can’t wait to see you tonight my angel. Rx 🎂👼💐💘👯

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